A Friend's Crazy Idea and the Benefits of the Internet

I received an email yesterday from someone I haven't spoken to in probably a year. In it she linked to a blog she just started where she will be writing about her upcoming dream trip.

Her first post mentions reaching out online with a particular question resulting in her communicating with people from all over the United States. Further she received helpful unsolicited suggestions and encouragement to make her adventure a little less stressful. With all of this support, she concluded the internet is "a wonderful tool to meet helpful, interesting people."

I wholeheartedly agree. Between this blog, various online forums, Twitter, and the Wreck This Journal book blogging group I joined last week, I meet a lot of wonderful people. We discuss life, work, family, books, and even ask each other for help on occasion.

The internet truly is a great place to meet helpful, interesting people if you choose to use it that way. (And to all you wonderful people, thank you for being you!)

Have you met interesting people online? Share your stories in the comments if you'd like.

If you're wondering about my friend's adventure, she has decided to use her unemployment to do something she has long been in awe of: bicycling across the country. Coast to coast. Pacific to Atlantic on a bicycle. (Yes, the kind you pedal. I'm tired just talking about it.)

I wish her a fabulous and safe journey filled with joy! You can follow her progress on her new blog.

Oh, and if you see her maybe you could give her some water or a shady resting spot. She's really nice.


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