Finding My Creativity

I'm taking part in Deb Owen's Creative Pathways course. We just started a week ago and will be going for a total of 12 weeks to work on unleashing our creativity for whatever that means to each of us on this journey.

For me it means letting my creativity come out and play, to see what transpires. It's something that I have stifled over the years since working in web where I'm "supposed" to be a technical person.

It's a scary thing to call myself creative. Yes I graduated with an English degree. Yes I liked writing stories when I was younger. Yes I admire artists. But I tend not to think of myself as creative. I think of other people as creative. I think, "sure I do little semi-creative things here and there, but she's a real artist/writer/photographer/(fill in the blank)."

I have no problem looking at others as the real deal. Me, however, I'm just me. I guess it's true what they say about you being your own worst critic.

In Deb's course, we are working through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. One of the basic tools she presents is writing three pages every morning. Simple stream of consciousness- what's on your mind, what you have to do that day, how tired you are, whatever. I have been writing my morning pages for a week now after a month long hiatus.

I'm finding the process leaves me feeling more calm throughout my day. By writing in a safe space whatever is in my head no matter how wild, stupid, trivial, or boring it may seem, I am setting my intention for the day. The simple act of writing in the morning encourages more writing later in the day. It helps me see the stories in my daily life. It helps me understand what I may not be clear enough about.

I don't know yet where all of this will lead. I don't have any grand goal for the process. I simply want to foster creativity and let the path unfold before me.

This begins week two.


  1. Oooooo. Look at that! A 'supposed to be'....a 'should' in disguise. We're so gonna work on that.

    I'm glad the morning pages are working their magic for you. (They do for me too!)

    Talk to you later!


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