Making Twitter Less Scary

Twitter is a hot topic. I have been a member since November 2007, when the hype had really begun picking up. As with most of my web endeavors, I signed up because as a web producer it’s important for me to know the popular platforms and I learn by doing.

For a while I didn’t do too much with it- check in periodically, stress about crafting the perfect witty remark, wonder how to find people you want to follow. Little by little my participation grew. I joined conversations and “met” some really wonderful people. (Still meeting great “tweeple” in fact.)

Now it’s a dialogue, a news source, a playground, a virtual café (see “Twitter demystified…” below).

Twitter is something you don’t really get until you have been doing it for a while. (See how I said “doing” rather than “using?” Twitter is ubiquitous enough to have become a verb.) Most Twitter users I have talked to agree. So don’t wait until you “get it” to jump in.

There are many (many, many, many) articles out there about Twitter. Here are a few recent ones that I think are particularly helpful:

Why Twitter shouldn’t scare you and why you should be there:
Havi explains it best in her post Twitter demystified and debunked. She refutes some myths and likens Twitter to your favorite local café. That’s not scary at all, right? (Havi is @havi on Twitter.)

How to get started in Twitter:
Hot off the press is Your Web Coaches’ The Cool Thing About Twitter, just published today. It is aimed at small business owners, but read it anyway because the information is comprehensive and written especially for beginners. Mynde explains how to set up a kick-butt profile, what to tweet, and who to follow. It is all very not scary. (Mynde is @MyndeMayfield on Twitter. Her fellow Web Coach Wendy is @WendiCholbi.)

Twitter’s hold on the world:
If you want to understand how Twitter affects the world at large, see the article TIME posted today on How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live. They even explain why knowing what your friend had for breakfast is interesting. (TIME magazine is @TIME on Twitter.)

So there you have it. Twitter isn’t as scary as you think it is. It’s easy to join in the conversation.

Browse these articles. Then join me at the café. You can follow me here: @lifeafterweb. Once you’re there, send me a tweet. You can paste this one right into Twitter if you’d like:

@lifeafterweb I’m here. Thanks for taking the scary out of Twitter!

I promise to reply.

See you on Twitter!


  1. [...] Twitter, through which I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with so many people I otherwise would never have known. I’m @lifeafterweb. Come say hello. (If you still don’t get Twitter, read this post on Making Twitter Less Scary. [...]


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