My Non-Vacation

[caption id="attachment_868" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="My hammock"]My hammock[/caption]

A strange thing happened to me on Saturday. I found myself on vacation.

I wasn't on a tropical island. I hadn't flown anywhere. No long drives. No crowds.

It all started when my husband and stepson left for baseball practice Saturday morning. With the house all to myself and the first sunshiny day in about three weeks, I planned out my morning. First weed the garden. Then work on my Week 2 exercises for Deb's Creative Pathways course.

So I set to work in my garden, pulling weeds, tilling dirt, and watering the plants. It started to get hot outside, but I wasn't ready to go in yet. I considered carrying one of the stiff chairs from my deck down to beneath the deck for a shady spot to rest. Then it dawned on me. We have a hammock.

I went to the basement, found the rolled-up hammock, carried it out, and hooked it up to two trees in my backyard. I brought out a tote of books, a notebook, and writing utensils and swayed in the breeze while answering the Week 2 questions. When I was done with that, I pulled out the novel I'm currently reading and sunk deliciously into its plot.

My neighbors were floating in their new pool while music played on their deck. I was far enough away from them to feel alone, yet near enough to enjoy the music and feel a sense of community. I listened to the sounds of splashing, felt the breeze mix with the heat, watched a few birds come and go.

That's when I realized I felt like I was at a resort, far removed from the worries of daily chores. My hammock in the shade was like a poolside cabana. If only someone had come around to take my drink and snack order.

I spent several glorious hours on that non-vacation. In fact, the rest of my weekend was happier and more relaxed than it might otherwise have been.

Mental note: take more non-vacations. I wonder what other opportunities might present themselves.


  1. I love when that happens! Your post makes me want to clean up my deck, grab a cold beverage and a book, and plant myself out there to watch the world go by. I think I know what I'm doing this weekend...

  2. [...] Sherri’s total adoption of the whole Joy Rebel concept, she also drew me in when she spoke of taking a vacation on a Saturday in her own backyard…hammock and [...]

  3. This is great... I have decided to make you my Hump Day Hero of the Week, Sherri... check it out! (Just click on my little blog link!)

    Hope that you're up for it!


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