Photo Friday: Sunset After Storm

The weather has been crazy over the past month on the east coast. Lots and lots of rain. Nearly everyday in fact.

Earlier this week a huge thunderstorm came through. Our power went out every few minutes, usually being restored within a minute or two each time. We lit candles. The animals hid. My husband, stepson, and I stayed close to one another.

The storm ended, but the ominous gray remained. When the sun broke through in time to set, the sky looked like it was on fire. Brilliant orange amidst billowing dark clouds.

I, of course, decided it was a swell time to practice my manual photography skills. Here is the view through our window.

Happy Friday! May your skies not look like this for the holiday weekend.

[caption id="attachment_897" align="aligncenter" width="477" caption="Sunset after a heavy thunderstorm"]Sunset after a heavy thunderstorm[/caption]


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