Wreck This Journal: Week 6

This week for Wreck This Journal, I overcame a fear. I made a video.

Lots of fellow wreckers paved the way for me by making videos that looked fun and not terribly scary. I generally don't like video cameras and find it hard to be myself around them, so this was a huge step.

This was completely spontaneous. One minute I was weeding my garden, the next I was scurrying through my house to gather up my computer and journal in the last few minutes of daylight.

I had a lot of fun making this video and I didn't even chicken out in posting it. Here it is. Enjoy!

Happy wrecking!

If you're confused as to what this Wreck This Journal stuff is all about or curious to see what other wrecking has transpired, here are some links to bring you up to speed.


  1. You are too cute!! I love how you hop on the soil at the end!! Something I would do....if I had a garden..and not just little terra cotta pots!!

    Keep making more videos!!!

    Peace & Love.

  2. That was great! I do enjoyed all your your garden fun. Happy Wrecking.

  3. you're a natural!
    felt i was there with you.
    and birdsong! at about 2:13 = lovely chirping.
    i'm partial to birdsong - wonder what it was...

    congrats on the first video...
    (they're addictive)

  4. great video! i took the plunge last week and made my first video with me on it :) it was scary at first, then i got over it!
    you did a great job and i agree with magpie, great birdsong!
    happy wrecking

  5. That was awesome! Congratulations on taking the step into video. It's lovely to see you! I love that you got to do all different kinds of wrecking in this one project. And I just loved the bird song that came in right before you buried it. How cool! Thanks for sharing your wreckage! May it bloom amazing things in your garden :)

  6. haha..this was great! Your page is not gone forever though....it is only changed...and as you said..it will be a part of your garden forever! I think that is what I have learned doing this project...EVEN though the pages get altered by destruction....they are still there.....only changed..and even the change CAN be a good thing!

  7. What a blast! The WTJ group also inspired me to do a video - I did mine last week. No jumping up and down for me though - which I have to tell you, made me laugh out loud! What a hoot.

    Great job! Thanks for doing it.

  8. Great first vlog! You're a natural! I giggled at "I don't really know what I'm doing" whispered to the camera :) Hoorah, now as you said, your journal will be part of your garden forever.

  9. you rocked the video! awesome! I also love the fact that you jumped on the dirt at the end. coolness!

  10. Nice video!
    In fact it was on my first wrecking day, I buried my whole journal. But not for long.
    By the way: letter is on the way now!

  11. Great video!! I hope you make some more!!

  12. Great first video, it totally rocked! I look forward to more. Have a great wrecking week.

  13. Great video - lovely to see you and hear your voice. Gone but not forgotten- and will eventually disappear!
    Take care.

  14. Great first vlog.
    You have inspired me to give it a try.

  15. Fantastic first vlog and great wreck work. Well Done!

  16. Here lies planted Pagus randominis "Wreckitis" WHOO HOO YOU MADE A VIDEO AND YOU ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I wonder if you will find little journals sprouting next year! Awesome start to vlogging! :)

  18. Good for you for overcoming the fear. :) I haven't done it yet. Still gathering the courage. :) Happy wrecking!

  19. wonerful first video.. and you are a cutie! you need a RIP sign for brave page buried alive after crumpling!!


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