Full Moon Dreamboard - Light

I've done some vision board collaging in my journal before, but this is the first time I have participated in Jamie Ridler's Full Moon Dreamboards.

However, I wasn't feeling much like the old magazines/scissors/glue method today. Instead I opted for looking through my photographs to see what stood out to me today. So here is my first Full Moon Dreamboard:

From left to right: the sunrise Thursday morning, the sun on a cloudy winter day, and the stained glass windows of a church on New Year's Eve.

Light is playing a big part in my life right now, which became even more clear to me as I gravitated to these photos. I'm learning to shine my own inner light without fear and without expectations.

To see what others are dreaming about, visit Jamie's post.


  1. Here's to your inner light. Shine, shine, shine! May all of your dreams come true.

  2. that middle picture...reminds me of the long winter days here. i too long for light and to shine! may your dreams come true!

  3. ~may your rays shine upon all you do...lovely photographs you have chosen to represent your dreams...may all you dream to bring forth in your life come to be...brightest blessings and much light to shine~


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