Affirmation Follow-Up and Happy

Affirmation Follow-Up

After the affirmations post last Sunday, I thought it might be a good idea to look back over my week and see if it was affected by my week's affirmation.

This week I chose to focus on the phrase, "Today may I breathe and let it pass." I was becoming quite frustrated with the level of housework I felt like I was doing compared with the level of housework I felt like everyone else was doing.

I'm obviously too involved in the situation to determine if I am truly doing more than everyone else or if I just wasn't giving enough credit to everyone else.

Instead I focused on my affirmation. I started letting things pass rather than nit-picking over things that I thought should be done. I backed off my "parental" side that wanted to keep everyone on schedule and let my husband handle policing my stepson's chore board.

In moments where I wondered why the dishwasher hadn't been unloaded yet while other dishes piled on the counter or why the trash was overflowing, I did not nag. I mentioned once (and only once) "you have the opportunity to earn some money today for the dishwasher, the trash, and setting the dinner table." If my husband chose to, he could nag.

(I should mention here that my stepson earns money through his chores to pay for his cell phone. My husband confiscated that phone this week due to my stepson's late payment and lack of funds.)

At any rate, I was not policing. I was breathing and letting things pass.

A miraculous thing happened. Chores got done. They may not have been taken care of on my timetable, but why did I need a timetable anyway? So what if the dishes piled up? I let it go. Whenever it got done, it got done.

By Wednesday, my husband, my stepson, and I were hitting a rhythm. We even spent extra time talking and snuggling. I'd say this week's affirmation was a success. This weekend I'll have to think about my next affirmation.

This week's Happy

Today at Stepmom Diaries on, I talk about a book blogging group that, each Friday, has me looking at what is making me happy this week.

I thought it might be fun to bring that exercise here as well, since we all get caught up in the helter skelter. It's nice to take a minute and think about what makes you happy.

These are some of the things making me happy this week.

  • A "quiet" work week. That's right, no major fires to put out this week. I got to focus simply on getting things done.

  • My friends. This week I heard from each of my closest friends. It was such a treasure to share joy and encouragement.

  • Twitter. I have met and shared conversations with so many people I otherwise would never have met including other stepmoms, artists, and soul searchers. (Come say hello. I'm @lifeafterweb.)

  • My stepson made the middle school baseball team. This is the first year he is eligible to try out and he wanted so much to make the team. Hooray for him!

  • My husband who, for whatever reason, gave up his weekly game night (an xbox online meetup with his friend) and instead spent the evening snuggling with me on the couch. He even banned laptops.

What is making you happy this week?  Share your Happy in the comments.


  1. I am happy I opened my ears and really heard what was being said.


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