Affirmations #2

Setting a stepmom affirmation last week helped me keep a positive attitude, so I wanted to try it again this week.

Where The Stepmom's Toolbox has issued a 30 daily affirmations challenge, I am adjusting it to weekly affirmations which gives me extra time to really internalize my selected thought.

For this week's affirmation, I have gone back to the list posted on my closet wall. The lesson I chose continues the path I set last week.

Today may I trust that all will be well.

Last week I learned to breathe and let pass the things that I found bothersome. In doing so, things got done eventually and all turned out well.

It seems appropriate this week to start at the end and trust that all will be well. Because ultimately, it will be, whether it was done "my way" or not.

What is your affirmation of the week (or day)?


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