Introducing My Guys to Bobby McFerrin's Music

I am different from my husband and my stepson. When I say that I am referring to my love for seeking good in this world, believing in magic, and embracing whimsy.

My husband and my stepson, on the other hand, are guys guys. They like baseball and video games and they laugh when they fart.

They are still good people, mind you. We just don't always see things the same way. Where I see wonder, sometimes they don't.

So when I took them to see Bobby McFerrin last night in Princeton, I was worried. When I bought the tickets as a Christmas gift, it seemed like a fun idea, but when it came to show time last night, I was beginning to second guess it.

Thirty seconds into the show, my husband looked dumbfounded and he whispered to me that my stepson was trying hard to stifle laughing.

Ugh. I panicked for a moment and thought ahead to what might potentially be a painful ride home as they chastised me for picking such a "goofy" concert. Aside from that, I really didn't want to be responsible for them not having a good time.

After a while I forgot about those worries and let myself get drawn into McFerrin's amazing vocal work as he performed a one man show using only his voice, the tapping of his feet, and patting his hand on his chest to create fully developed music.

Things got really fun as he started encouraging audience participation inviting audience members to the stage one at a time to dance improv to McFerrin's musical improv. He also invited people up to sing whatever song they chose and he would sing along with them in his own unique style.

By then I noticed my husband and stepson were watching with more interest and laughing with the rest of the crowd at McFerrin's sense of humor. Phew! Crisis averted.

In fact, during the ride home as we talked about the concert they admitted they were worried when the show first started, but that Bobby McFerrin really does cool things with his voice. They caveated that with "he is a special kind of crazy."

I'll settle for that. Like I said, I knew it was going to be a different experience for them. My only hope was that they would get some enjoyment out of it, which it seems like they did.

I posted a video below of McFerrin performing Bach and Ave Maria with audience participation, just as he did in the concert we went to last night.

His vision and ability to be a true leader are inspiring, even more so that he could win over my guys.

The energy in the theater restored my faith that people are inherently good and can work together if only they take a chance.


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