Advice for Stepmoms

Today on Working Mother I tackled the big question about what advice to give new or soon-to-be stepmoms. I wasn't entirely sure where the post was going until I was halfway through, but sometimes I know there is something important to say if only I take time to write.

Yes, that's how my muse and I roll.

Check it out here and then let me know what advice you would offer new stepmoms.


  1. I saw this same question on Facebook the other day. Most of the stepmoms were in agreement that the best advice they'd received was "Make your marriage your first priority." I wholeheartedly agree. Nice article!

  2. This is so interesting. I am a step and a bio mom. My stepson lives with us half the week, so both of his bio parents are in the picture. But when he's at our house, I'm the mother. I could not imagine disengaging and not disciplining, etc.

    However, like a previous post said, my husband and I support one another. It's not as if my husband is lenient and I am strict. That would probably lead to disengagement.

    Also, I came into my stepson's life at a very young age, so we were lucky enough to form an early bond. I can imagine it would be a LOT more difficult if he'd been older.

    Great topic for discussion, Sherri. I am following now!


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