Happy Post - April 16, 2010

Happy Book BadgeIn honor of The Next Chapter's ongoing work in The Happy Book, I've been taking some time each Friday to reflect on what is making me happy. It's great to focus on what is going right since we sometimes get bogged down in what is going wrong.

Today, I'm including a collage of my happy. The things that are making me happy this week are:

collage-happy pics

  • The wood floor that my husband and I just finished laying in our living room last night. I'm so excited to start bringing furniture back in. I'm also ecstatic about the faux metal work we did on the step up into the kitchen.

  • Flowers!  The trees along our street were in full bloom for Easter and I took that opportunity to play with my camera.  This week the petals are beginning to flutter off like snow to make way for fresh, green leaves.

  • My new Converse sneakers.  This is my very first pair of Converse and I don't know how I've gone this long without them.  I love them.  Their comfy and sparkly and inspired my husband to nickname me Stardust.  Lovely!

  • Bubbles!  Blowing bubbles is whimsical.  I took the above photo and it's now my desktop image on  my computer.  Everytime I sit down to work, I feel like I'm looking at a crystal ball. 

All in all, I found a lot of magic this week. 

What is making you happy this week?

Update: Be sure to visit The Next Chapter's post to watch the puppy video. So adorable!


  1. It is really great to reflect on the good. I guess all those self help gurus are right after all! Love the wood floor, enjoy it. And the flowers! I've been taking pictures like crazy now that our colorful neighbors are back. And it seems like there are new ones everyday showing off their party dresses. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a wonderful collage. It really is good to reflect each week on the things that make us happy. I think this is a habit I will keep forever.

  3. What a set of beautiful, happy things! Congrats on your wood floor being done; it looks fantastic. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Isn't it great when you have something new like that - a fresh coat of paint, a reorganized shelf, a new floor. You keep going by and saying, "Wow, it looks so terrific!" Love the collage, especially the picture of the bubble - how beautiful!


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