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Garden Plans

Today was glorious- sunny with a nice breeze.  I moved my laptop to do my work from a corner sunbeam.  When 2:00 p.m. hit and I realized I was stressed out from work (not to mention I hadn't had lunch yet), I went for a barefoot walk to my garden, breathing deeply and stretching my arms the whole time.

I made mental notes of what my garden needs- lots of weeding, new veggies and herbs.  The kiwi plant I just started growing last year that had died off to a viney twig during winter is now a thriving, full, bush overtaking its trellis.  The raspberry plant has come alive with lots of fresh green leaves.

I am taking this Thursday and Friday off work.  Thursday is my birthday and I started a new tradition two years ago of taking off work for me time.  Of course, who wants to go back for just a Friday, so I went ahead and took that off, too.  Hooray for long weekends!

Because I will be off work and because I've heard people say you should plant your garden Mother's Day weekend (to avoid frosty nights), I plan on digging in during my time off.  I can't wait to fill that space with love and grow some fresh food to liven up my cooking.

If I haven't mentioned, I also made an appointment with a hairdresser to get a pink stripe.  It's something I found myself writing on my to do list in Goddess Leonie's 2010 Planner.  I'm not even sure where the idea came from.  I just suddenly had the urge to fulfill that crazy, creative side with a burst of color.

So I'm going for it.  If I don't chicken out.

Then you'll find me in my garden, clearing out bad and bringing in good.


  1. So my dream for your wind chimes - a garden of just flowers out back, an Adirondack chair in the middle and the wind chimes right behind your chair. Your own little get away where you can write or read during the nice weather.


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