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How Was Mother's Day?

How was Mother’s Day? Did you get catered to and adored all day? I certainly hope so.

I got up much too early in the morning to go to my stepson’s baseball game. As we were packing up to leave, my stepson asked what I was going to do for the day. I said I was going to his baseball game. “But it’s Mother’s Day,” he said in a sweet tone that implied I shouldn’t have to go if I didn’t want to. I explained that yes it was Mother’s Day which was precisely why I wanted to go see my kid play.

And yes, I refer to him as my kid. He lives with me and my husband full-time. I go to all his games and do the daily things a mom is “supposed” to do. I believe that makes him partly my kid. I may not have made him, but I am contributing to the person he is becoming.

Just last week for my birthday he gave me a beautiful pot of flowers and a card, both of which I’m told he picked out all on his own. Scrawled on the front of the envelope in giant letters was “To Sherri/Bonus Mom.”

I’m lucky to have him in my life. As we sat at a hibachi table for Mother’s Day lunch, I told him so.

Throughout the day he wished me a happy mother’s day no less than a dozen times. Stepmotherhood brings with it a number of frustrations, but it is also filled with unexpected moments of bliss. Mother’s day has become one such event. I never expected to be acknowledged, but my stepson and my husband honor me each year. It’s really special.

I made phone calls to my own mom and stepmom this afternoon since they are in different states and I couldn’t be with them.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?


  1. I loved to see this, "I may not have made him, but I am contributing to the person he is becoming." because that is what I say too. Sometimes the kids even say they get "such and such" from me and it just makes me beam with pride! We only had our kids till 1 on Saturday but they managed to decorate flower pots for me and then fill with my favorite flowers. They even called me on Sunday to say Happy Mother's Day and that just made my day! We usually celebrate a Bonus Mom Day and it will be next sunday so I can look forward to breakfast in bed and maybe some geocaching. :)

  2. How special that you have a Bonus Mom Day! That is a neat idea. Enjoy breakfast in bed and geocaching!


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