Writing, Kindness, and Creativity - Ideas, anyone?

I’m on a mission and I’m calling for fellow brainstormers. 

As you probably know I’ve been thinking a lot about my values lately- the things I want to structure my life to support. Those values have led me to focus more acutely on writing, kindness, and creativity.

Just saying these words – writing, kindness, and creativity – gives me a little rush of energy and excitement. This is where I want to run and play right now.

So the challenge is on. I’m making a list of projects that involve these three things, projects that I may explore or that I may keep on my list to spur new ideas.

Having a list will be great because I can refer to it when I have a few extra minutes and want to try something new or do a little research. When I feel lost and directionless, my list can shine a little light to get me back on my path.

My list so far looks like this:

  • Book reviews of books about philanthropy, civility, and bettering humanity

  • Make greeting cards

  • Get involved with organizations like Special Olympics or Hospice or one of other amazing service organizations out there

  • Grant writing

  • Spreading the message of civility

I know there must be a million more things I can put on my list. I also recognize that I am probably limiting my thinking. That’s why I’m asking for help.

Will you help me build my list of projects encompassing writing, kindness, and creativity (or even just 2 out of 3)?

Leave your ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


  1. Family food recipes, cooking for children, soul food and good company, eco-communities, patchwork projects. Community garden, local school/children's centre allotment with cooking demonstrations and free courses for parents-take what you make evening meals-maybe better still bake and share evening meal learning courses for parents, shared childcare, increased community and building friendships...

  2. you should totally try and get in contact with Keri Strug. She works for the grants department for the Fed Gov't. Google her name, she has her own website with ways to contact her.


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