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Embracing Rain and Myself

For the past nine weeks I haven’t been working. My contract ended and I didn’t take on any new work because I wanted to spend the last few weeks of summer with my stepson. Also, I have a baby on the way so let’s face it, seeking full-time employment seems kind of difficult when in a few more months I plan to stay at home anyway.

Facing a period of unemployment I envisioned all the grand things that would fill my days: adventures, writing, yoga (read more about that in my post at Now I’ve realized that nine weeks have passed and I haven’t done much of any of those things.

It just dawned on me that it was raining outside and I was missing it. I love the rain. Okay, a lot of people I’ve come across don’t necessarily understand that, but it’s true. I love how peaceful the world becomes in the rain. I love how clean everything looks as dirt is washed away. There is something about the rain that makes the world smaller and cozier to me.

We haven’t had much rain this year so when I really paid attention to the fact that it was raining, I felt sad for missing it. And for what? TV and to do lists. This is not what I want for myself.

So I am consciously making a shift. I opened two windows just enough to hear the rain fall. I’m sitting by one of the windows with the blinds and curtains pushed out of the way so I can enjoy the view. A gentle breeze is sweeping across me as I sit here to write.

Did you catch that? To write. With the rain outside my window. How glorious.

Is there anything you might be missing today? If so, please pause for just a moment and figure out what it is you want to do right here, right now. Don’t let another day go by.


  1. Sometimes I too like the rain. It all depends on teh type of rain and how long it's been raining for, but I tend to like the peace that rain can bring!


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