Happy Book Challenge - Mascot Magic

In the first Happy Book shake-up challenge posed by Jamie about a week ago, we were to choose a mascot and photograph it along our weekly travels.

I chose to use my doll from a set of four doll Christmas ornaments I gave to my closest friends last Christmas. Unfortunately I didn't do too much photographing of her last week, but I did manage to take a couple of photos.

Once at Chick-fil-a with their tasty lemonade...

doll with Chick-fil-a lemonade

...and another day at my husband's softball game. Here she sits on the game ball in my bag chair.

doll with softball

What I thought most remarkable, however, was what happened at the end of the week. This weekend we went to the Philadelphia zoo with some friends. I was looking at some animal or other when one of my friends said, "Wow! A butterfly just landed on you! They must really like you." Still trying to process what I just heard, I turned to my husband and caught sight of the butterfly just on the back of my shoulder.

The remarkable thing is that the butterfly is my kindred animal spirit. You might say the butterfly is my actual mascot. And there one was just resting on my shoulder. I felt like Cinderella.

butterfly on Sherri's shoulder


  1. The little doll is so adorable, but I love that your true mascot landed on you at the zoo. That is awesome! :)

  2. I love this!! The Butterfly has been in my life since 2003 and has stayed, although the Wolf is my Power Animal, I have a very special place for my beautiful butterfly friends!~

    I missed the Mascot Week but did it in one day and posted a video of me taking Tigger with me to work all the way to grocery shopping. My little Tigger was given to me by my husband when we re-connected in 2006! Can't wait to see your Happy Book project this Friday :)


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