Best Friends

I have several best friends. I suppose that's a contradiction simply because we are told there can only be one "best." Tough! I'm not willing to cut any of my best friends from the "BFF" list.

These particular friends come from different eras of my life - middle school, high school, college, jobs - but they all have some common traits. They are funny. They are smart. They are amazingly supportive of everything I do, big or small. They love to laugh. They read my War and Peace length emails and respond point by point. They share their triumphs, their failures, and the funny thing that happened on their way home from work.

I don't know what I would do without these wonderful women in my life. This morning as I sit in a quiet house while everyone is still asleep (yes, this is a rare time of day for me to be active), I am reading some of my favorite bloggers. Christine Kane has written a post that beautifully captures the best friend relationship. Read it here: BFF Rules: How to Create Unbreakable Friendships with your Best Gal Pals.

And to my best friends... thank you for being you and for sticking with me!


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