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Yesterday while supporting others wishes, I came across this post at Dashboard Hula by Shari Sherman. There were so many things about this post that resonated with me.

First, her name is Shari. No matter the spelling, I'm always excited to find kindred Sherri's out there. I love my name. It has always felt magical, though I can't pinpoint exactly why.

Moreso though, was her mermaid artwork (click through to her post to see it). She created a beautiful mermaid with lots of green and hints of pink (my two favorite colors) and adorned her with the message "Let your light shine."

Perfect. Just perfect! I've been working on letting my light shine. I decided to make my theme word "shine" earlier this year as a reminder to be myself. Not to try to emulate anyone else, but just to let the real me shine for the world to see. I even got myself a purse and emblazoned it with the word "shine" to keep the message fresh in my mind. (Yes, it's from Thirty-One because I'm a little obsessed with their awesomeness. It's called the Demi Purse: $29 with multiple print choices. Add embroidery for $6. You can find it on my Thirty-One site or email me at lifeafterweb at gmail dot com for more info.)

[caption id="attachment_1474" align="aligncenter" width="249" caption="My "shine" purse"]"shine" purse[/caption]

Finally, I liked that Shari identified herself as a turtle person and is learning to work with that essence of herself, rather than try to fight it to be something else. I think learning to be ourselves and work with our strengths is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.


Continuing my effort to return to daily gratitudes, today I am thankful for my friend's baby born Tuesday morning, his health, and hers as well. I am thankful that though I am unable to visit her since she is in a different state, I have another friend who did go visit her and report back to me on the cuteness and well-being of both baby and new mom.


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