What Ellen Does for Happiness

With the blogging break I took for much of the Fall, I've missed a bunch of Happy Book Fridays. Not this week! Jamie led The Happy Book group to page 96 to an exercise called "What would Joan Jett do?"

The book asks us to think about who our idol is and what we imagine that person does to be happy. I chose Ellen DeGeneres whom I've adored from her early stand-up days, through her TV show and movies, and now to her talk show. She seems happier now than ever, so I think she's a great choice for this exercise.

To be happy, I think Ellen DeGeneres would...

  • dance

  • laugh

  • give a gift

  • tell a joke

  • surprise/scare people with silly pranks

  • play a game

  • spend time with her wife, Portia

  • invite friends over for dinner

  • listen to music

I'm going to see if I can put some of these into practice in my life and pay attention to how my own happiness is affected.


In keeping with my daily gratitude practice, today I am thankful for a calm day- free of wind and obligations. I am thankful for my husband treating me to a package of Pecan Swirls even though he can't stand them. I am thankful for Jamie Ridler whose positive spirit is so inspiring. She dreams big and encourages all of us to do the same.


  1. Hi Sherri!!

    I just loved reading your inspirations from What Would Ellen Do? Can you imagine what you'll be inviting in as you try those out? Delish!

    And thank you for the lovely message of gratitude. I'm filled with gratitude for your sweet self! I'm so glad we're connected. Sending you love,


  2. I love your choice of Ellen DeGeneres, and your list of what she would do. What a great idea. I'm gonna think about who my idol is, and what she'd do! Thanks.


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