Making Time to Move

Why do I always think I don't have time to exercise. Maybe it's because "exercise" calls to mind 60 minute workouts or trekking to a gym for classes.

The other night I was feeling achy and thought I should really do my pregnancy yoga DVD, but it was 11:30 p.m. and following an hour long program at that time of night was simply not going to happen.

Then I realized I could soothe my aches with something far shorter. I rolled out my yoga mat on the living room floor and grabbed my iPod to drown out the movie my husband was watching. Then for two songs I moved and stretched, taking some positions I remembered from my yoga DVD and mixing in a few stretches of my own.

For just two songs I lost myself in breathing and paying attention to my body's movements. In less than 10 minutes I released some tension and greatly improved my frame of mind.

I'm writing this now partially to encourage you to rethink what you can do for your soul in just a few minutes, but also to remind myself of that feeling so I might be inclined to do a short stretching session again.


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