Renewing My Living Space: An Update

Last week for Wishcasting Wednesday, I talked about my desire to renew my living space. With a week now past, I thought about what, if anything, I had done to bring a little renewal to my home.  Thankfully, I was able to think of a few:

  • Went through all my old CD's and uploaded things I wanted to my computer.  Now that box can go to the attic.

  • Moved a few boxes and a double bicycle from one place in the garage to another in order to make space for my car.  For the past week, my car has been safe from the outdoor winter elements.  Yay!

  • Called the phone company who failed to come out as scheduled two weeks ago and got them to come out and fix our phone line which was not working at all.  

  • Built the baby's dresser and stocked it with clothes and changing supplies.  

  • My husband fixed the latch on our front door that was preventing us from opening the door from the outside.  (Yes, being able to get into the house is important to me.)

  • My husband replaced the air filter on our heater.  I watched so I would know how to do it in the future and I also ordered new filters online which arrived yesterday.  Next time it needs to be changed, we'll be able to grab one and switch it out quickly.

Some of the things I'd like to tackle next are...

  • Replacing burned out lightbulbs which is currently an issue in our kitchen, hall, master bathroom, and my stepson's bedroom.

  • Preparing some meals to store in our new freezer.  I suspect having meals available to grab and throw in the oven will be immensely helpful after the baby gets here.

  • Getting the aforementioned box of CDs into the attic.  

  • Taking a box of books to the local used bookstore for someone else to enjoy.

It's all a process.  So far I'm off to a good start I think.  Hopefully I can keep the motivation to keep going.

And speaking of the home, today I posted at Working Mother about my least favorite chores.  Please check it out and let me know what your least favorite chores are.


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