Wishcasting: Hunger

Wishcasting badgeIt's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe and support others' wishes. Today Jamie asks, "What hunger do you wish to feed?"

As usual, she asks a great question, one that stumped me for a bit. I went through my day with this question in the back of my mind and came to an answer: connection.

I have been craving connection lately. Connection to my family, friends, other women, myself, spirituality, and my home to name a few. I think I tend to remove myself at times from my surroundings- not necessarily physically, but mentally. It's also not always intentional. Often it is due to setting myself on autopilot.

But lately, I want more. I don't want to be on autopilot. I don't want to seclude myself from others or even hibernate for the winter. Well, sometimes I do. I want those times to be intentional, though. I definitely need my alone time, but even then I want to be connected to myself or a higher being or... something. I wish to feel connected.

In the past few weeks I have had a few opportunities to get together with friends and acquaintances. It's been energizing. Then, last night I received a phone call from a very dear woman whom I rarely get to speak with, but who amazes me with her ever present strength, kindness, and happiness. We spoke for nearly an hour, after which I felt fulfilled in a way that I probably can't express here. She makes me want to be a better person. Part of what makes her amazing is the connection she reaches out to make with others, to make them feel like they matter. I'm so grateful to have met her.

So that's my wish. I'm hungry for connection. It's time to fulfill that hunger.


  1. As Sherri wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

  2. Wasn't it a great question today? I had to roll it around for a while too. Connection is something I have been working on very diligently lately. It's worth it! And yes, it's all about the balance and the intention :)

    What you wish for you,
    I wish for too!

  3. I've been working on connecting more the past few years. That's one of my wishes also.
    Wishing you great connections, as you wish for yourself, I do also.


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