Finding Time to Write

I'm having a really hard time writing these days. I have ideas that never come to fruition because I can't capture them as they come to me like I used to.

With a newborn at home I rarely get spans of time to let my muse run wild. If I think I have some time, often sleeping wins over writing. I'm so dang tired I can't concentrate sometimes. My last few blog posts and journal entries have been written in fits and starts between caring for Jonas.

So this post is really a question. How do you find time for your creative endeavors with little ones at home taking all your energy? Goddess Leonie, if you can hear me, maybe you have ideas?! Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Hi Sherri,
    I probably don't have alot of great advice to give since it has been so long since my son was little. I think the best thing is to just enjoy each moment and when you do have a second than jot yourself a note about an idea or thought you have. Maybe keep a journal of what this first year is like with Jonas. I know that this is a special time for you so enjoy each minute with the baby.
    I just wanted to let you know I always appreciate your comments on Wishcasting Wednesday.


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