One Month Old Already?

I can't believe it. My little munchkin is already one month old. One whole month!

He's grown by more than a pound in weight and by one inch in length. When I look at pictures of him from his birth and compare them to how he looks now... well, he looks huge! Seeing him all day every day, I don't notice the subtle changes, but comparing photos makes it all painfully obvious. I feel like I missed out on baby time already.

I have also changed in this first month. My body is beginning to recover, so I can once again do seemingly trivial things like go up and down stairs. As many mothers have experienced, I have lost a lot of time for myself. I don't get to read or write very often at all, but more importantly even showering has become a rushed event at whatever time of day I can squeeze it in.

Another thing I've learned about myself is I have much more patience than I ever imagined. The patience I exhibit with Jonas during fussy spells surprises both me and my husband. I'm hoping it will carry through to other aspects of life as well. What an amazing gift patience is.

Jonas' first month has been quick, happy, trying, and filled with lessons for both of us. He is beautiful. He is also waking up, so away I go!


  1. Cherish every moment, Sherri! It truly does go by fast. Just think, Austin wasn't even born yet when I met you, and Larisa was a toddler..they will be 29 and 30 this spring! YIKES!

  2. Keep those thoughts and this picture of him in your heart!

  3. Sherri, he is so beautiful. I know you will enjoy every special and precious moment with him.


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