Wishing for Less

I read something yesterday that said we are always wishing for more- more money, bigger home, fancier car, the newest this, and the latest that.

Obviously we can always use more money. I won't pretend that isn't on my wish list. But as for wishing for more... oddly enough I've been wishing for the opposite. I feel crowded and overwhelmed in my home at times. I actually want less.

I don't want to sound ungrateful and I'm certainly not wishing for any sort of tragedy to befall my family. Let's just make that clear.

What I want is more open space- a clear desk, cabinets that aren't packed to the limit with kitchen gadgetry I rarely use, shelves that aren't overflowing. More space means more energy. More space means I can get to the things I use and love. More space means I have room to create.

For example, look at my desk...

How is anything ever going to get done with all of that stuff in the way?

Periodically I go through my clothes, books, and other possessions to make space. What I've found is having less stuff actually makes me feel like I have more stuff.

Yes, that may sound a bit odd, but here's the thing. If my desk is full, I don't write because when I sit down at my desk I can't think. All I can see is mess.

If my dresser drawer is so jam-packed with t-shirts I can barely open it, it's hard to get to the shirt I want. If the drawer has enough space for me to root around in it, then I can actually see everything I have. All of it. Not just the three things mashed at the top.

I guess what I'm saying is if you want to have more you can start right now by cleaning out what you don't use or love to make room for those things you already have but never see.


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