Thankful for Smooth Travel

It is another beautiful Friday (barely... It's almost midnight now) and I am giving thanks for this week's happiness. 

This week was all about last minute travel. On Sunday we booked a family vacation departing today. That gave us exactly four days to get all the laundry done and figure out how to fly with a baby. A message to my new mommy friends resulted in lots of helpful tips. Thank you, mommies!

I was making good progress all week and was actually pretty relaxed yesterday morning about what I had left to do. That is, until a phone call necessitated a change in plans for the first half of the trip. 

So yesterday afternoon I got online and made phone calls to cancel one hotel in a city we no longer needed to visit and book a new hotel.  Canceling the first hotel was going to leave us with a charge for the first night's stay, but the gentleman at Expedia called the hotel, explained the situation, and got the fee waived. Thank you, Expedia guy. 

The hotel we had booked for the second half of our trip was full for this weekend so we were unable to extend our reservation to cover the newly vacant front end of our trip. Thus I set off in search of other options and found a smokin' deal at for a hotel near Disney. Woohoo! Thank you, guy. 

With new plans in place, we stayed up far too late last night packing and woke just a few hours later to leave. After a perfectly uneventful drive to the airport we checked in to notice at the plane was overbooked and we had no seats. 

Oh boy. As visions of a crying baby, a restless teenager, and prolonged airport time haunted us, we proceeded to the gate where my husband spoke to a kind airline employee who informed us they were working on the seat situation. 

So we waited. 

Not only did this wonderful gentleman get us on the plane, he bumped us up to first class free of charge. As I wrote this I was stretched out with plenty of room to attend to the baby. Thank you, US Air guy.

So that's it. Today I am thankful for smooth traveling and the helpfulness of travel employees. I am thankful for my friends' helpful travel-with-baby hints. I am thankful for this vacation to spend time with my husband and boys. It is Jonas' first vacation which is making the rest of us enjoy it all the more. 

What are you thankful for this week?


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