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Wishcasting: New Year

It's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe. This week Jamie asks , "What is your wish for the new year?" I wish to write.  Fiction, blog posts, letters to friends, short tweets.  I wish for writing to be a regular part of my life, rather than a "when I have time and I'm not too tired." I wish to show love.  Use kind words, understand, breathe before I get angry, hug, encourage, listen, trust, show grace. I wish to keep making space.   Clear out the objects I don't use regularly or love.  I've been doing this for a while, yet there is more to be done. I wish to notice.   There are many precious moments in any given day.  A child learning something new, sunlight on countertops, the smile of a loved one.  I wish to notice and revel in these moments. What about you?  What do you wish for the new year?

I Am Not a Hoarder

Hoarder .  That word makes me cringe.  Did you ever watch the television show?  My husband and I did... once.  Neither of us could sleep for two full weeks, during which we purged a lot of things from our house. A few days ago, my husband dared to utter the words, "You have a little hoarder in you."  Shock!  Horror!  Outrage!  How dare he?  I'm no hoarder. "You do, too.  Have you seen your desk?" I said, feeling a little "I'm rubber, you're glue..." about it. He didn't get shocked or outraged.  He simply said, "I know.  That's why I want to get rid of my desk... so I can't hoard things in it." How annoying to be married to someone who makes level-headed responses like that (she says with a goofy smile). Then a couple nights ago, he pointed to a plastic organizational bin in a seldom used room of our house.  "What's in there?  Because it looks like it might be full of garbage." More shock!  More outrage!   Why

How Can I Explain This Feeling?

My heart is racing, yet my body is calm.  I feel this inner excitement like somewhere inside I'm doing cartwheels and simultaneously I feel grounded and focused. One voice is saying, "Way to go!  Look what you accomplished.  I knew you could do it." Another is saying, "Now, here is what must happen next if you really want to do this.  It's going to take a lot of work."  Both voices come from somewhere deep inside me.  I listen to both. What is it that has me feeling this way? I just printed my first novel.  Please humor me as I say that again.  I just printed my first novel. A plain manuscript, three hole punched and inserted in a binder.  A mere 64 pages, double spaced.  Nowhere near long enough to be considered a novel.  At 15,328 words, it needs to more than double in length to work as a middle grade novel, which is what I am aiming for. It's crap, really.  Utter first time novel writer, first draft drivel. It starts out with feeling, then quickly bec

Wishcasting: Celebrate

It's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe. This week Jamie asks , "What do you wish to celebrate?" First, I wish to celebrate Jamie!  Today is her birthday.  I wish for her to have a day filled with magic, blessings, and unbridled joy! Second, I wish to celebrate new friends, most of whom I met through some new mommy programs.  As adults, sometimes it's difficult to meet new friends, so I am thankful for the groups that brought us mommies together. Third, I wish to celebrate my leap in to the world of writing fiction.  In September I completed a short story and submitted it to NPR for a short story contest.  Even though I didn't win, I'm still really proud of myself for having the courage to send a story out into the world.  In November I finished a (really, really short) novel.  It needs some major work before it will be presentable, but holy smokes, I wrote a novel! There are so many mo

Two Books That Changed My Life This Year

One Thousand Gifts Every Soul a Star

Paralyzing Questions

Writing is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I’ve written lots of things in different formats over the years.  Outside of this blog and back in my classroom days, most of what I have written hasn’t seen other eyes.   Now I want to stretch in to the publishing world.  I want to write with the intent of being published.  That has made things seem more real and also scarier.  Now questions creep up.  What should I write?  I need to pick a genre or a topic.  Every author has a genre or is an expert in a particular field.  What am I an expert in?  What if I want to write fiction and write non-fiction in an online setting?  Can I do both?  Even if they are completely different?   It’s questions like these that have kept me in limbo for a while, feeling like I shouldn’t even write until I have it all figured out.  But that’s silly, isn’t it?  The best way to figure it all out is probably by actually writing and outlining and fleshing out ideas.   Another one I’ve struggled with i

Hello Again

Hello, blog.  Hello, blog readers... if any of you are still here, and I truly hope you are.   I’ve given blogging a break this year, posting only very sporadically as I felt called to it.  After four years of posting and a big life shift from working web producer to stay-at-home mom, I needed some time.  Time to step away, time to figure out my new life, and time to just be. And now... now I am ready to write.  In fact I have been writing.  I have spent the fall working on fiction.  I’ve also been dreaming of next steps for my journey.  I’ve thought about new online spaces that can offer fresh starts and overarching themes and branding and all of that stuff that “serious” writers “should” do.  In time, that may come, but I don’t want to rush into anything only to abandon it because it wasn’t the right fit.   In the meantime, I need a place to let my creative spirit run rampant.  A place to dream and explore and acknowledge beauty and support others and be supported.  A place to celebr