I Am Not a Hoarder

Hoarder.  That word makes me cringe.  Did you ever watch the television show?  My husband and I did... once.  Neither of us could sleep for two full weeks, during which we purged a lot of things from our house.

A few days ago, my husband dared to utter the words, "You have a little hoarder in you."  Shock!  Horror!  Outrage!  How dare he?  I'm no hoarder.

"You do, too.  Have you seen your desk?" I said, feeling a little "I'm rubber, you're glue..." about it.

He didn't get shocked or outraged.  He simply said, "I know.  That's why I want to get rid of my desk... so I can't hoard things in it."

How annoying to be married to someone who makes level-headed responses like that (she says with a goofy smile).

Then a couple nights ago, he pointed to a plastic organizational bin in a seldom used room of our house.  "What's in there?  Because it looks like it might be full of garbage."

More shock!  More outrage!  Why is he picking on me?  That is my organizational bin full of important and useful things that I've had since my single days in my own apartment five years ago.  I mean, just two years ago I pulled an extension cord from that bin and it has been very useful.

Two years ago.  Hmmm.  Maybe it was worth the revisit.  In it were three of those little things you plug into an outlet to make it multiple outlets, instruction manuals to things I didn't need instruction manuals for, a set of coasters that hadn't been used since I moved in with my husband, a meat thermometer attachment that goes to my kitchen timer (I'd been looking for that for years and presumed it gone forever), and a tape measure.


The meat thermometer went to the kitchen, the tape measure to the garage, and we got rid of everything else.  The empty storage bin is being banished to the attic until such point as it is needed for something actually useful.

I don't mean to hoard, but it seems I do without realizing it.  It comes in the form of keeping things that are or may one day be useful.  The problem comes in failing to reevaluate from time to time to see if those things are, in fact, still useful.

Tackling this syndrome is high on my goals list.  I'd like to enter 2012 with less than I have now and leave 2012 with even less.  It's time to get serious about purging.  In fact, as we tear apart rooms in our house one by one to put new flooring in, we will be ruthless about what is allowed back in the room. Everything else will go.  

No more "potentially useful" odds and ends.  It's either useful now or it isn't.  It fits in our life now or it doesn't.  

What about you?  Do you have any remnant items that need reevaluation?


  1. If you're a little hoarder, then I'm a major hoarder. Although I have actually decided to work on my roon this week. I don't want to hoard! This post has inspired me to be even more detailed in my cleaning. Possibly making a second sweep after the first one is done!


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