Paralyzing Questions


Writing is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I’ve written lots of things in different formats over the years.  Outside of this blog and back in my classroom days, most of what I have written hasn’t seen other eyes.  

Now I want to stretch in to the publishing world.  I want to write with the intent of being published.  That has made things seem more real and also scarier.  Now questions creep up.  What should I write?  I need to pick a genre or a topic.  Every author has a genre or is an expert in a particular field.  What am I an expert in?  What if I want to write fiction and write non-fiction in an online setting?  Can I do both?  Even if they are completely different?  

It’s questions like these that have kept me in limbo for a while, feeling like I shouldn’t even write until I have it all figured out.  But that’s silly, isn’t it?  The best way to figure it all out is probably by actually writing and outlining and fleshing out ideas.  

Another one I’ve struggled with is What if I can’t write enough?  You see I’ve always struggled with conciseness.  In school I was the kid whom teachers repeatedly told to elaborate, the kid whose 3-5 page paper only made it to the end of page 3 with some margin tweaks and font changes.  Not because I didn’t answer the question, but because I said everything I wanted to say in 2 pages.  For goodness sake, what writer has trouble writing?

Then there’s questions like...Where will what I write be published?  Will anyone like it?  What if people hate it?  What if I’m mocked or proven wrong or publicly chastised?  What if I never get published by anyone... ever?  

Oh, the questions.  They can be paralyzing.  

So I do the only thing I can think to do.  I try to push all those questions aside and write anyway.

What paralyzing questions do you struggle with?  How do you deal with them?

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