A Wish, a Request, and a Challenge

A Wish for the World and a Request

Wishcasting badgeIt's Wishcasting Wednesday so the gorgeous soul Jamie Ridler is inviting us to cast our wishes into the universe. This week Jamie asks, "What do you wish for the world?"

I wish for the world to return to a community mindset.  It really does take a village to sustain life.  Only when we work together do we truly succeed.

Speaking of coming together, I have a special request.  A good friend of mine, Joules, needs prayers, wishes, positive energy... whatever you have to give.  After 6 wonderfully smooth months of pregnancy, she hit a rocky road in her third trimester.

As of yesterday she was admitted to the hospital (nearly 2 months early) and told she would have to stay until the baby was born.  As of last night, it seemed that the baby might be coming early.  Needless to say, my biggest wish today is for a healthy baby and a healthy Joules.

So I'm doing something I haven't done here before.  I'm asking you to send love her way.  A prayer or good thought would be beautiful.  If you want to actually send a note, consider leaving a word of encouragement in a comment on her blog.  If you leave a comment here on my blog, I will make sure she gets it.  Thank you.

Update 2/16/12: I'm happy to announce that Joules had her baby and they are both doing well!  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  It was inspiring to see how many people left notes, people who don't know me and don't know Joules.  You all are amazing.  Please keep it up so mom and baby can go home soon.

A New Challenge

I'm challenging myself.  Since I've found that I work on my writing most when I have a true deadline (i.e. not just one I make up) or if there is camaraderie (we're all in this together... woohoo!), I've decided to join a writing challenge.

Rachael Harrie is leading the Fourth Writer's Platform-Building Campaigner Challenge.  The first challenge will be presented to us on Monday (yikes!  Or, you know, yippee!).  A second challenge will come on March 5th.  The campaign as a whole runs through March 17th.

I have no idea what to expect, but I'm excited to give it a try.  Fellow writers, you can join in the fun, too. Today is the last day so be sure to visit Rachael's site and jump in now.


  1. Hi Sherri ~ I'm a Wishcaster who has been out of the circle for a bit. It's lovely to be back today, and to read your tender post. I will certainly say prayers for Joules, and for her precious little one. I love your wish ... and as you wish for yourself, for the world, and for your dear friend, so I wish also.

  2. Sending prayers to Joules and the baby, and as you wish for the world, so I also wish for it. Challenges keep our brains young! You go, girl!

  3. Healing thoughts and energy to Joules and her baby.
    As you wish for yourself (the world) so I wish for you also.

  4. Much love to Joules and her baby, and much luck to you with your personal challenge. As you wish for yourself (the world) so I wish for you (the world) also.

  5. Stopping in from the campaign to say hi. I am in your short story group.

    Sending positive thoughts to your friend and her baby. I hope that story has the happiest of endings!

  6. Hi Sherri - thanks for swinging by my blog to say hello.
    There's no need to be scared... it's an exciting challenge and you'll get to meet tons of awesome bloggers! Give me a shout if you're in need of support! I'll do my best to help. Nice to meet you - I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

  7. I will send prayers to your friend and her baby.
    Please remind her to think of only good thoughts.
    To visualize what she WANTS and to erase what she does not want.
    The mind is so connected to the body.

  8. YES!! Absolutely... sending prayers to Mama & baby!!
    Healing thoughts, countless blessings, and circles of angels surrounding her side. ((hugs))

  9. Sending healing thoughts to your friend and her baby.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  10. I shall send healing thoughts to your friend Joules and her baby...what a generous person you are to ask for such a wonderful request:)
    Your wish for world is gorgeous..a community mindset (which is what you cultivated today with your request--the power of community!). As you wish for world and your self, so I too wish for world and you as well:)

  11. ::sends good vibes and thoughts to Joules::

    As you wish for yourself (and the world), so I truly wish for you also.

  12. Lovely wish! As you wish for yourself I wish for you also. I sure hope that all goes well for your friend and baby.

  13. Adding my prayers to the others for safe entrance of the new spirit into the world, and for her mama's health.

    I also appreciate your thoughts on community. You would have thought that by now, we - as a species - would have "gotten" that.

    As you wish for yourself I wish for you as well.

  14. Hi, I am in group one of the write campaign with you :)!

  15. So glad to hear of a wonderful outcome... as you wish I too wish for you.

  16. Hi there :o)

    As part of the Writers Platform Building campaign I'm tagging you, but please don't feel obligated to take part.

    Your list of questions are on my blog


    Nice to meet you by the way


  17. Thank you all so much for all your wonderful wishes and positive thoughts sent our way. Our son, Jack, was born at 31 1/2 weeks with miraculously healthy lungs. He will be in the NICU for awhile, but is currently very happy and healthy. One nurse told me that it's like he doesn't know that he isn't a full term baby. We're crossing our fingers that we can bring him home soon. Thank you all! Joules

  18. So glad that everything went well for Joules. I'm stopping by from campaign group #1 to say helllo...I'm sure it will be quite a ride!


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