Interview: Julie Dellinger

Each Wednesday is Wonderstruck Interview day. Hearing other people’s stories is a great way to see things from a different perspective and perhaps find something new to apply to our own lives.

I met this week's interviewee in elementary school and, thanks to the internet, we reconnected about five years ago.  How fun is that?  Julie Dellinger is a marketing genius and new mama with a near permanent smile.

Julie DellingerWhat have you been wonderstruck by recently?

The kindness of people and their openness to saying nice things.

I guess this kind of needs a backstory: last Fall I was in a terrible position at my job – I was drowning in work for a company that didn’t value me as an employee or a person. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t make everyone happy and some of those meanies were apparently super loud in their complaints, because they decided to lay me off.

However, before getting rid of me, it seems that they made it their goal to try and destroy me. In a performance review right before their decision was made clear, I was told that although I was the best Marketing Director they ever had and the amount of work I did was admirable and amazing, I was an “unlikeable” person. I was also told that I had an awful sense of humor, was not funny at all and that I should stop trying to be funny. Oh, and this wasn’t a thought in passing – they kept repeating and repeating the information until I started crying.

Anyways, fast forward to my wonderstruck moment. I started a new job in December and it has been a total opposite situation. I recently had a review with my boss and he specifically commented on my friendliness and positive attitude. What’s really funny is that he pointed out how much my coworkers liked me and that everyone really enjoyed
my sense of humor.

Bam…wonderstruck indeed!

What part of your day are you grateful for?

Honestly, I’m grateful all day long. I’m grateful for the mornings that I drop my baby off at my parent’s house (my mom is providing childcare for my son) because it gives me a few minutes to sit down and catch up with my mom and dad. I’m grateful to have a job to go to that I enjoy each day. And I’m so darn grateful to have a wonderfully supportive husband to come home to each evening. I guess the only thing I’m NOT grateful for is traffic. Oh, and the fact that dinner doesn’t just magically appear on our dinner table.

What part of your day is tough? How do you move through it?

My drive into work each morning takes at least an hour, more if the traffic is bad. It just seems like such a waste of time to be sitting in my car. I try to keep positive by stopping by Starbucks in the morning and treating myself with a delicious caffeinated concoction. I also make it a point to let people merge in front of me while at an especially congested area on my drive. I figure the karma points might add up for when I need them, right? As for the drive home, the only way it can be improved is with a one-person driving dance party.

Another super tough part of the day is in the evening when I’m doing my daily “wind down” chores. I hand the baby to my husband to cuddle with and I run around the house straightening up the messes that magically appeared when I blinked – cleaning dirty bottles in the sink, repacking my son’s diaper bag for the next day, finishing laundry, etc. It’s easy to get resentful of my husband because even though we both worked all day, it seems like a never-ending chore-fest for me. I work on moving through it by reminding myself that parenting is not a contest. Even though, if it was I’d totally win.

What do you wish you were more conscious of?

Sometimes I feel like I’m just paddling in place as hard as I can and not going anywhere. However, I have friends who compliment me on being so organized and getting so much done. I wish I could see myself through their eyes and stop being so hard on myself.

How do you stay focused on what is truly important to you?

Whenever something seems really hard or gets me down, I just remind myself that this is my one life and I need to fully live it. Whatever the obstacle is, I’ll get past it. Why? Because I always do somehow. So why drive myself crazy about it when I’m just going to conquer it?

For example, when Jack (our almost 3 month old) is crying for absolutely no reason and is just fully inconsolable, I remind myself to just sit back and enjoy him. Our plan is to have one child, so every phase that Jack goes through is the only time that we’ll get to experience it. So, good or bad, I remind myself to be present in the moment because it’s the only one I’m going to have.

About Julie:

Julie Dellinger (aka Joules from Pocketful of Joules) is a recovering type A overachiever with a passion for marketing, home improvement projects and writing about the silliness of life. She started her blog in 2011 because she loves writing and making people laugh. Even though she’s totally not funny… and she’s also really unlikeable.

If you want to check out some more of her random rantings, visit her blog at You can also find her on twitter at @joulesdellinger.


  1. Thank you Julie for your story and inspiration. It is truly comforting to know so many other women are dealing with the same challenges as me. I've stopped looking for the perfect situation/balance of work and raising children. There are obstacles and trade-offs with all of it and it is just part of life. We need to do our best, not beat ourselves up when we have a bad day and let the happy moments carry us through it all.

  2. Julie, I don't even know you and I like you already! So glad you are in a kinder environment and didn't let the meanies change who you are. I do think your hubby should give you more cuddle time with the baby and pitch in with those chores, though! :)

  3. So I'm reading this really terrific interview and thinking how impossible it is not to like Julie! I can't begin to imagine what kind've sadist establishment would encourage such a horrific assault on an employee. And I didn't realize I was holding my breath until I got to the mention of the new and vastly improved job with real people and not trolls!

    I'm forever appreciative of a grateful, positive, upbeat attitude whenever I'm lucky enough to bump into one, and yours comes though like an ever-brite light.

  4. Awww, thanks so much. I'm having a Sally Field moment right now -- you guys rock!

    Husband update: it's been about a month since I did this interview and Mr. Joules has learned since then that pitching in with chores makes his wife a much happier lady. =)


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