Let Your Hair Down

“Let your hair down.” It’s a phrase that gets thrown around every once in a while, particularly in movies. Usually it’s used in context of relaxing, unwinding, loosening up. I never gave much thought to what it means. You?

My hair is often tied up. The Little One has been known to pull it both by accident and on purpose, so these days I consider my hair somewhat of a hazard.

Barring The Little One, though, there are certain days I really can’t stand having it in my face, so up it goes. And don’t get me started on wind. By the time I detangle from that kind of damage, I feel like I should have earned some sort of medal.

On a windy day not so long ago, I had plans to work in the garden with The Little One in tow, so I was especially thorough in securing loose ends. By the end of the day, all that tension pulling tight around my head had become pain.

That night as I pulled out the fasteners, my hair falling on my shoulders, I felt the full weight of it come down. The ache lifted as I brushed through my hair. Tightness gave way to relaxation.

The simple act of letting my hair down released tension in my entire body. As if that weren’t enough, my mind and my soul felt refreshed.

I get it now. That’s what it means to let your hair down.

Have you relished in this simple act? What other end of day routines renew your body, mind, or spirit?


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