Outdoor Adventures

What a wonderstruck week this has been! I was blessed to spend a lot of time outdoors and even more so to be with friends.

I started the week by meeting my friend Joules and her baby at a park in Delaware (which is kind of a halfway point for her in Maryland and me in New Jersey). We sat on the rocks along the river and watched geese dive and ducks float.

The weather was perfect- not too hot and not too chilly. I'm not going to lie... this is a much better way to spend Monday mornings than in the corporate meetings that used to be my routine.

Joules snapped this photo of me and The Little One enjoying the scenery.

at the park in Delaware

Isn't he cute conquering a boulder?

On Wednesday I had less of a car ride. Less than a mile actually. My friend Laura, her baby, The Little One, and I went to the "u-pick" farm which is literally around the corner from my house.

You might think that with a farm so close, I would go picking quite often. And yes, moving forward, I plan to do more picking. However, I'm also a bit of a coward and never wanted to go by myself to figure it out. Sad, right? I've lived in this house for five years and I've never gone picking. In fact, it took me until last year to even visit their farm market (which I then did repeatedly throughout last summer). It's a 90 second drive. Seriously. Coward.

Anyhow, I worked up the nerve, called for the scoop, and Laura and I headed over, kiddos in tow.

We picked strawberries...

and peas. The Little One tasted one to see if he'd like peas in a pod. (He did.)

We watched butterflies dance across the fields.

I think everyone had a good time.

In fact, The Little One must have had his fill of excitement because he fell asleep on the way home. Remember when I said it was a 90 second car ride? Impressive.

While he slept, I got to work on our harvest: 6 pounds of strawberries and 1.5 pounds each of snow peas and sugar snaps. Of course, I also sampled them all. It's amazing how much more flavorful food is fresh from the farm.

Not all of the adventures required car trips, though. Back home it seems our summertime friends are back. Namely in the form of furry woodland creatures and songbirds like this blue jay who visits our deck every morning to steal cat food.

If they start pitching in on my chores, that really will have me wonderstruck. Hey, it worked for Cinderella.

What were you wonderstruck by this week?


  1. What an amazing week! You've inspired me to find some things around here that I can take the kiddos to outdoors (even if it means braving the 100 degree weather!)

    This week I was wonderstruck by my little girl (15 months) as she swam for the first time. She took to the water like a little fish, kicking and laughing and trying to swim all on her own...lol.

    I love your blog - what a bright spot in my day!

  2. I'm so glad you made it to the u-pick farm! Here in Oregon we have lots of those and I've been going for years to pick strawberries, blueberries, apples and pumpkins (in the autumn, of course). I totally agree - just picked fruits and veggies are sublime and hardly compare to what you can buy in a store.


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