Blueberry Crisp, Kind Words, Pretty Toes, and Zac Brown Band

This week has been wild. A little up and down. That hasn't stopped me from finding wonderstruckness, though. Here are the moments that stood out for me:

As you may recall from last week our freezer lost power. Earlier this summer I had gone blueberry picking twice and I refused to throw out all that work (even if it was fun work). There I was with about 6 pounds of thawed blueberries and no idea how to go through them quickly enough.

A couple days later writer Janice Heck came to my rescue with a post called Got Blueberries? Be sure to check it out. She talked about how good blueberries are in New Jersey (and you thought all we had was Snookie...) and she gave 4 recipes for enjoying those blueberries. Thank you, Janice! I made blueberry crisp, which may just have been heaven in a bowl. YUM!

While eating that blueberry crisp, I had to get back on track with wonderstruck interviews. Don't worry. There are lots of amazing people coming up and their answers have already started rolling in. Even from a few friends who came to the rescue at the last minute in case I found myself without content again. I didn't, so now I have even more people in the queue. Hooray!

In one of the harder parts of life, Sir Whiny Pants has improved overall with his whining this week, but has had a mini-meltdown every morning (or any time during the day) we go into his playroom. Go figure. Yesterday, when we started the day that way yet again, I had a mini-meltdown of my own while on the phone with my husband. I kind of expected him to tell me to get over it, be the bigger person, blah, blah, but to my surprise, he came back with the absolute most perfect thing I needed to hear: "You are doing a great job as a mom and he is a good baby."

Talk about wonderstruck. (By the way, to any dads or children out there... every mom wants to hear she is doing a good job. This gig is a lot harder than it looks! Go. Tell them. Hug them. Thank you.)

The rest of yesterday improved greatly thanks to those magic words. I even took a little me time. When my mother-in-law came over to watch Sir Whiny Pants for a bit, instead of using that time to get stuff done like I usually do, I ran one errand then went for a pedicure. I haven't had a pedicure in over a year (something I used to treat myself to all summer long pre-baby). Heaven found me once again sitting in a big massage chair having my toes prettified.

Finally, there's one more thing that had me wonderstruck this week. On Saturday night, I went to the Zac Brown Band concert. Holy smokes! If you ever have the chance to see them, go. Seriously. Not only do they have a lot of fun songs, there is not a weak link in that band. Everyone is a great musician and everyone is a great singer.

The first time I'd ever heard of the Zac Brown Band was on a CMA Awards show in 2009 when they performed The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Not an easy song, but they did it really well and even a little faster (yes, faster!) than Charlie Daniels. How is that possible?

Anyhow, I saw Zac Brown Band in concert at the CMA Festival last year and was really hoping to catch a live version of that performance. Unfortunately, their set was short (lots of artists to pack into one night) and, while they did some other great songs, Devil didn't make the cut.

Last weekend, they finished their show with it. Woohoo! Live it's even better than what I saw on TV. They are extraordinary.

I can't show you what I saw in concert, but here is the TV performance from a few years ago. Happy Friday!

What had you wonderstruck this week? Share here or on my Facebook page. (While you're there, consider "Liking" it. Thank you!)


  1. Wow! I am wonderstruck by how FAST they played that song. How did they keep tempo with each other? How can they sing that fast? Thanks for sharing that.

    And I totally agree with your suggestion to tell moms everywhere that they're doing a good job. It is one of the hardest things I've ever done and continue to do. I'm glad your husband told you. :)

  2. Maybe Sir Whiney Pants needs some blueberry crisp! Thanks for mentioning my blueberry post. I just got 12 more pints of blueberries this morning to freeze for winter crisps and tarts. No more power outages, I hope.
    Give Sir Whiney Pants a hug for me. He's my kind of kid.

  3. Devil should never challenge Zac Brown or his band. Just saying.

  4. Blueberries - YUM. Actually, I'm glad you ate them, because I've found if you freeze them for too long they go yucky.

    I had the most divine blueberry muffin a few weeks ago -- it was 'home made' at a wonderful little food store and featured plump fat blueberries all the way through.


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