Summer is half over. At least as far as school vacation is concerned. I can't believe how fast it's going.

Theoretically, summer should be a slower, lazier time of year. It's a time for friends, barbecues, swimming, lounging. Actually, my teenage stepson has embraced the summer lifestyle (between baseball tournaments, anyhow).

But it's been a busy summer for us adults and now July is nearing its end. It's hard to fathom.

Soon enough we'll be back in the throes of schoolwork, business building up as the end of the year approaches, and holiday planning.

Okay, I didn't mean to make anyone panic. Don't worry. It's still summer. If you're anywhere near me, a step out your front door into the heat will confirm that.

My point is this. We still have half of summer to go. What are you going to do to make the most out of it? Have you taken that family vacation? Did you do that thing (whatever it is) that you said you would do this summer?

If not, the time is now. Hop to it! As for me, I have a pool day planned for Wednesday. With friends. Check, and check.



  1. This summer is going to be relatively tame for me, as far as activities go...just school and writing as I figure out ways to make more time for it. I'm more of a fall/winter person, anyway :)


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