What Happened While I Was on Vacation

Looking back over the week, I realize I am wonderstruck not so much by things that happened this week, but by things I learned this week that happened while we were on vacation.

Somehow when I go away, I expect things to be the same when I return. After all, it was just under two weeks. What can happen in that amount of time? It turns out quite a bit.

At home (besides all the muck that happened), my garden flourished. The corn is now almost as tall as me. I found zucchini, peas, green beans, and peppers ready to be picked. Cherry tomatoes began to form. Carrot tops pushed out of the ground. Potatoes sprouted. All of my flowers bloomed.

Also at home, I learned The Little One has taken on a new trait and may soon find his name changed to Sir Whiny Pants. I’m skipping by this quickly in hopes he will do the same.

In my neighborhood a pothole was filled and a tree was lost, presumably in a storm.

I found out one of my friends is moving out-of-state. I'm sad to see her go. I was hoping we'd have more time to get to know each other and that our boys could play together for years.

Across the country wildfires have caused a lot of devastation. Across the world flooding has done the same. My prayers go out for all of the affected people.

Then there’s the seemingly insignificant entertainment news that caught me off guard. Andy Griffith died. Ann Curry was fired. Kelly Clarkson has a single on country radio- usually singers make the leap from country to pop, not vice versa.

Earth and the people on it are continuously in motion. We may not realize it when we’re stuck in our own day-to-day, but it’s true.

KT Tunstall has a song that says it best: “Hold on, ‘cause the world will turn if you’re ready or not.”

What changes have you noticed in your own corner of the world?


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