Ducks Make Me Happy

There is something about ducks. I don't know what it is, but they make me really happy.

It could be the way they swim gracefully on the water, appearing calm as can be, even when their feet are paddling away like crazy beneath the surface.

It could be the plucky little way they waddle when they walk.

It could be the way they walk right up to you at a vacation spot we like in Florida and wait for you to marvel at their amazing duckness.

I realize they look a bit like statues in this picture, but those are real ducks that wander around the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando.

They are just so silly and happy looking. I can't help but smile when I see ducks.

So, this morning I popped on Facebook real quick and the first thing I saw was a chipper, fluffy, little, yellow duckling paddling in the water with the most adorable happy beak face. A friend of mine shared the photo from a place called "The Happy Page." (Thank you, Marla, for the giggles!)

Oh, yes. That is my kind of place. I have now "liked" The Happy Page in the hopes of having my news feed inundated with fun and beautiful photos. It could be a great source of inspiration.

Where do you find silly happiness and inspiration?



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