Renewing, Refreshing Rain

The falling rain outside my window quiets me. The world closes in and brings my focus back to home. Back to here. Back to now.

When it rains I don’t feel pressure to get out and run errands. The rain reminds me that there is much I can do right here.

Such focus makes me feel like I am capable of more.

I think of the garden drinking up, soaking in, then bursting forward with the next sun. I think of the meals I’ll be able to prepare. Fresh, grown from love meals. That’s the best kind, yet unfortunately not the norm.

But what if we all felt rain the same way? Drinking up, soaking in, and bursting forth with new energy.

Imagine the possibilities.


  1. Such beautiful photos! Living in the Pacific NW, I have a different relationship with rain. I can appreciate it and am thankful for what it does for the land here. But when it rains for days and days on end, especially in the spring, I start to go a little stir crazy. I do love listening to it as I write and the first rain after a dry summer is indeed refreshing.

  2. I love the rain as well. It makes me feel cozy. There is nothing like the smell of a forest after a rain. I can't breathe deep enough.


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