Yesterday was a weird day. I couldn't pinpoint why; it just felt weird- disconnected.

Throughout the day, several small but cherished things went missing. I'm not sure if the disconnected feeling was a result of that or if it was just all around that kind of day.

The first thing I noticed to be gone was my lotion. Sure, this sounds like a trivial thing, but I love that lotion. I bought it a month ago when LUSH opened in a mall near me. I've loved LUSH from afar for years, so getting one I can actually go to was an huge.

Since then their Karma Kream has been sitting on my bathroom counter for easy access. That's what makes this disappearance even weirder. How did it leave the countertop?

Later things turned worse as I sat down to update my list of gifts. Last month I started a master file on my computer to collect wonderstruck moments as I count to 1,000. My computer file held the first 87, which I had collected throughout the past year.

Yesterday I went to update the list (which took me to 102), but the list was gone. Poof. Nowhere to be found. I almost cried actually. It was such a special list of moments and memories. I know I typed it and I know I saved it, so where could it be?

And it wasn't just me. My husband became upset after realizing a recording of our son was missing from his phone. The Little One's little voice saying "uh-oh" and "boom," tragically lost.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I don't know if anything will magically turn up. I hope so. Either way, I felt like it wasn't just these small things that were lost, but like I, too, was lost.

Have you lost little things that were special to you? Did you find them?


  1. It is unsettling when things like that go missing, or in the case of your computer file, seem to vanish. It disrupts our status quo, especially if there is no logical explanation or recovery of lost items. I hope today has been better for you and your lost things have be found.


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