Going For It

I applied for a job this morning. A blogging job. How cool is that?

It's nothing major - 3 posts per week (okay, that could get major) - but it intrigued me, so I went for it.

The chances of me getting this job are probably slim. While I meet the qualifications, I'm sure the competition is great, and I met none of the "preference given to..." bonus points. Wrong locale, new reader of their blog. Strike and strike.

I could have stopped reading and let it go, but something about their request resonated with me. It inspired me. It spurred a slew of writing ideas and a new perspective. I feel confident I can bring a good, and somewhat unique, perspective to their readers.

It's now in their hands to decide if we're a good match. Maybe they'll agree, maybe they won't.

Here's the thing... if they don't choose me, I'll be in exactly the same place I am now. There is nothing to lose by going for it. In fact, I may be able to use those sample posts I wrote here. Even more, the application made me think about my writing in a new way. It's hard to see a downside (aside from rejection which is always painful).

Of course, I'm hoping they'll pick me. Fingers crossed!

Have you taken a shot at something even if you weren't sure it would work out? What happened in the end? Did you learn something about yourself in the process?


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