Interview: Janice Heck

Each Wednesday is Wonderstruck Interview day. Hearing other people’s stories is a great way to see things from a different perspective and perhaps find something new to apply to our own lives.

This week's interviewee is Janice Heck. Jan is a retired educator who enjoys blogging about travel, food, writing, grammar, cats, and events in her current home state, New Jersey.

What have you been wonderstruck by recently?

Over the past few months, I have been impressed by the vast numbers of committed volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and money to church events, community events, and special fundraising events for catastrophes or major illnesses. Whatever their causes, volunteers log many hours of work, and in the process, they touch many lives. It is humbling to be involved with these caring people.

What part of your day are you grateful for?

Evenings. The day has calmed down and all the distractions have fluttered away. I finally have time to think and write. I am a night owl, and I get my second wind during these late hours.

What part of the day is tough? How do you move through it?

The toughest part of my day is the early morning. (You can’t be an early bird and a night owl at the same time!) But I am retired, so sleeping a little later is my reward. Once I am up in the morning, I am ready to go.

What do you wish you were more conscious of?

Some people seem to have a knack for keeping track of friends and neighbors and their current personal problems, health issues, or other struggles. I sometimes get so involved in my own doings, that I lose track of other people and their needs. Several friends are very good at encouraging others, and I admire this quality. I want to make a more conscious effort to do the same.

How do you stay focused on what is truly important to you?

Even though I am retired, I still find myself pulled in many directions: church activities, community activities, family responsibilities, health issues, and more. I honestly don’t know how I managed to get everything done when I worked full time. I keep my calendar handy and my notebook front and center on my desk to help to keep me organized and focused. Taking time to write every day is an important goal. Even as a senior citizen, I still have things I want to accomplish.

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  1. I love the image in this sentence: "The day has calmed down and all the distractions have fluttered away." It's just beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to know you a little better, Janice! From one night owl to another, I am so looking forward to the day I'm no longer tied to the routines of the rest of the world and can follow my own rhythms. :)

  3. I, too, wish I were more conscious of not getting so bogged down in my own trials and tribulations that I forget to be more aware of friends' needs and struggles. I also look to my friends who do this seemingly effortlessly as my inspiration. And, as one night owl to another, I can totally relate to the need to sleep in and getting a second wind in the evening. Unfortunately, I don't have the schedule to allow me to sleep in all the time so I envy you! :)


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