Waiting for the Storm

Here in New Jersey (northeast United States for those readers in other countries), we are bracing for Hurricane Sandy. The media has tossed around terms like "a storm for the history books."

Stores were packed as early as Friday morning as people tried to load up on water, batteries, bread, and other supplies. For some reason people also seem to go for milk and eggs which doesn't make much sense to me because (at least at my house) we often lose power, so anything that requires refrigeration isn't going to survive anyway.

We moved our patio furniture to the shed and strapped our grill down. We've placed all the flashlights, candles, and lighters where we can easily find them. We have non-perishable food and water. We are as ready as we are going to be.

Waiting for the storm is a weird feeling. Last night we sat around the house looking out the window every so often. The rain was supposed to start at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, yet there wasn't a single drop of rain before we went to bed.

It's weird the things you think about while waiting for a storm. Like...

  • Why hasn't the rain started yet? It's too calm.

  • Can I get to the flashlight if I have to feel my way through the dark?

  • What will I do with the whole family at home and no power?

  • Should the kids sleep in our room?

  • Should I wear a bra to bed in case we have to leave suddenly? (Does anyone else worry about this?)

  • Good thing we have food leftover from the Halloween party.

The schools announced they would be closed Monday and Tuesday, as did the municipality and many businesses. If they were preemptively doing closing, we figured things would get bad before morning. In fact, looking at The Weather Channel app on the iPad this morning, you would have thought we were already in serious trouble:

"Terrifying Megastorm Cripples East Coast." Yikes! Did I miss something? I looked out my window. There was a slight breeze and drizzle falling slowly from the sky.

Yucky, maybe. Crippling, no.

I texted my friend in Virginia. Surely with a headline like that, she was in trouble. Her reply? "We have some strong winds and decent rain." Then she said she was out running an errand.


As I've written this, gusts have picked up to a level I can comfortably call wind. According to the radar, Sandy is still out over the ocean. It's coming.

So, we wait.

If you are in Sandy's path, too, my thoughts are with you. Stay safe and dry!




  1. Had to laugh out loud about the bra! : ) It's coming, Sherri. We had a very peaceful night, and it's pretty much being a regular rainy day, but the winds are picking up and the lights just flickered. I've seen lots of pix of flooding all along the coast, and NJ is where it is making landfall. Stay safe!

  2. Steady rainfall here in Northern Virginia, not much wind. It's supposed to get worse after 2 pm and through the night. We're as prepped as we're going to get. Since we homeschool, we had a normal Monday morning, though my husband is working from home.

    I have the kids cleaning up their basement toy room "in case of flooding". Hee.

  3. Stay safe, Rabia! Glad you are prepared. Let me know how it goes down there.

  4. Weird, random things go through your mind when preparing for events like this. Lol!


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