Hope, Comfort and My First Print Credit!

Wow, oh wow. What a week!

One of my very best friends, Sara McClellan, published a beautiful, inspiring book called The World Needs Hope (available on Amazon.com).

And as excited as I am for Sara, I'm equally excited for me because...

  1. I know her. She's an amazing person and I am so proud of her for accomplishing a dream.

  2. I am credited in print. Yes, sirree! "S.M. Hutchins" appears as Copyeditor and Contributor within the book. It is my first ever print credit!

  3. I am on Amazon?!?! Sara was gracious enough to name me as editor on the book entry, so my name is right there on Amazon. (Hint: If you followed my Facebook page, you got the scoop on this a few days ago. If you don't, run on over and "Like" it now for future scoops!) I had to scramble to set up an Author Central page which you can find at amazon.com/author/smhutchins.

About The World Needs Hope

This book is filled with carefully chosen words to remind readers where hope is present in our lives. It shows us where hope is when we may not be able to see it.

In 20 chapters, Sara walks through what hope is, like Hope is Laughter, Hope is Perseverence, Hope is Acceptance.

Each chapter includes artwork from a different person. You'll find mine in Chapter 2: Hope is Comfort.

That's right. I said mine. I submitted a short passage of text and a photograph to the chapter about Comfort. I chose that chapter because Comfort is one of my core values- to be comfortable in life. Not as in riches galore (though money is always appreciated), rather warmth, family, food. Basic creature comforts.

Check it out at Amazon. (Hint #2: It will be a great Christmas present for those special people on your list!)

Also, find more inspiration on Facebook at facebook.com/worldNeedsHope.

On another topic... Hurricane Recovery

The hurricane may have passed a while ago, but families are still cleaning and rebuilding homes. I made another trip out to the shore last night with more cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, and a Home Depot gift card.

I stopped at a friend's house where we loaded up the minivan with all sorts of supplies and delivered them to a benefit event. Items collected last night will be given to Lunch Break, a wonderful organization that supplies needy community members with "hot meals, groceries, clothes, and comfort."

Comfort. There's that word again. It's so important.

End of Week Inspiration

I'll leave you with a few passages from The World Needs Hope:

[HOPE] is a peaceful blanket of stars wishing grace down upon you.

It is reaching for a bashful first kiss . . . or a final brush of hair from an aged forehead.

To see the visions of hope all around you is to know the wondrous in the everyday, the unique in the common place.

This weekend, look for how hope and comfort are present in your life. Share what you find here in the comments.

Have a wonderstruck weekend!


  1. What a humbling account, my beautiful friend. I have been in happy-dance-like-it's-going-out-of-style mode the last few days. To share this with you in daily calls (ok, hourly is more like it) and exuberant texts is the icing on the best cake ever. I am so proud of you and grateful to witness your remarkable journey, Ms. Happy Editor Pants. xo


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