Pinterest Recipe Review: Blackberry Cider

Each week in December I've been reviewing recipes that I found on Pinterest. It seemed about time to actually try some of those things I kept pinning, so I thought I'd share the results in case you were looking for something new to try for the holidays.

I've already reviewed Cherry Pie Poppers, Apple Cider Sangria, and Cookie Dough Balls. Next up: Blackberry Cider.

Here is the pin: Blackberry Cider on Pinterest

... which leads to this recipe on the Driscoll's website.

Check out the photo through either link. I forgot to take pictures.

I won't repeat the recipe here. You can get that from the links above. I'll just let you know how it went for me.

Stellar! And here's why... my husband made it. Anything I don't have to make is okay by me.

While I was busy working on Thanksgiving side dishes, my husband took it upon himself to take my printout of this recipe and get to work. I love him.

The basic idea is to simmer apple cider with blackberries, oranges, cinnamon and star anise. Garnish with a few blackberries, an orange slice and a cinnamon stick.

There isn't any alcohol in this recipe, so it's perfectly kid-friendly. For those of you with an eye for mixing your own concoction, I'm sure you could kick this up for the adults. Share your ideas in the comments.

We deviated from the recipe a bit. We left out the cinnamon sticks (because I didn't remember to get them at the store) and star anise (because I don't really know what that is. Hey, I'm a basic home cook, not a culinary expert).

Anyhow, my husband threw all the ingredients in a large pot on the stove and let it simmer. He's not big on garnishing drinks, so he didn't reserve any blackberries or oranges- he put them all in the pot.

The cooking process took longer than we expected. Be sure to get a head start on this recipe.

When it was finished cooking, we poured it into a large glass drink dispenser (the kind with the little twist spout on the front). You can serve the recipe warm or chilled. We chose to serve ours over ice.

This drink was a hit with the family! We did have some leftover because we had doubled the recipe. We poured the leftover blackberry cider back into the jug the apple cider had come in. For the next few days we enjoyed blackberry cider right out of the refrigerator.

Verdict: Make again. It was easy and delicious- crisp enough to be refreshing, yet rich enough to feel like a special holiday drink.

Do you have any ideas for tweaking this recipe?


  1. Vodka improves just about anything.
    Kidding. Actually, if you wanted to make a cocktail out of it, maybe something like peach schnapps would be good. It sounds really yummy all on its own, though.


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