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So Much for the Spring Thaw

I love spring. The warmer (but not too warm) temperatures, the birds singing, the buds on trees that hint at the burst of color to come, the snow.


Wait... snow?

By calendar, spring joined us last week. According to my teenager's school, it is spring break. Looking out my window this morning, I think someone didn't get the message.


I don't anticipate any feathered visitors at the local hangout this morning.


It seems like a good day for hunkering down and writing. I wonder if that's likely with two kids at home. It's worth a try.


What does spring look like where you are?


  1. Here in Columbia, it looks pretty much like it does at your house! As much as I am SOOO ready for Spring, this is actually making me happy! Then again, I haven't started shoveling yet.... ask me again at noon! LOL!

  2. I'm not gloating, but I've got crocus and early tulips blooming, and while we did see a few snowflakes over the weekend, in general things look pretty season-appropriate. Hope you thaw out soon!

  3. I didn't mind the snow so much either (of course, I didn't have to go anywhere, so that helped). It's so peaceful as it falls.

  4. That sounds beautiful, Liv! I noticed some buds on the fruit trees last week which made me think spring was fully here. Alas, mother nature throws yet another curve.

  5. Now that I'm living in my home state again, spring doesn't look that much different than it does in the depths of winter--except it's a little warmer and there's a lot more pollen on my car. Those are some great pictures--they make me want to dash out and play in the snow :)

  6. I love the snow, but I'm not sure I would be loving it in late March. Beautiful photos of it nonetheless.

  7. Are you in one of those desert states? Because it sounds like you're describing my time in Arizona. Enjoy the spring (not saying you have to enjoy the pollen, though).

  8. It's definitely weird in late March. It was a mild winter overall, however, so I can't complain about a little snow now. As of today, it has all melted away and is starting off to be a sunny day.

  9. I'm in a heavily-forested part of Texas, actually, so no desert around here. I recently moved back after living in Wisconsin for 14 years, which gave me an appreciation for snow :)


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