Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last night. In it I was driving on a road in France (I've never been to France, so don't ask me how I know that's where I was, but that's where I was). Ahead in the road was a giant seed/pod thingy as tall as my car and it was surrounded by a ring of piled grass.

I shifted lanes, all the while wondering who put it there and thinking it must be a bomb that would blow when someone hit it. (Because that makes perfect sense.) That made me question who would be dumb enough to hit something that large.

Of course, then I saw in my rearview mirror a car was approaching the pod and not moving. Sure enough, it hit the pod which burst open causing architectural details to fly everywhere. (You know, like statues and decorations from old buildings.)

A huge stone medallion with a bust in the center came flying over my car and landed in a river beside the road. The medallion was from a rectangular building straight ahead with lots of columns. It was supposed to be at the roofline in the front center.

I turned to my husband who was in the car with me and asked, "What was THAT?" He watched the river complaining that, since it was the weekend, we would have to wait until Monday's news to find out. (I guess this dream world didn't have internet.)

This dream was followed by a recurring one in which I'm going to a college class that I suddenly realize I haven't attended in over a month.

So there you have it.

I can't begin to make sense of it. (And no, I haven't been drinking, nor am I on any medications.) Any dream interpreters out there? What could this craziness possibly be telling me?




  1. I don't really know much about interpreting dreams - but a lack of knowledge has never stopped me before ;)
    Seeds are the source of growth, so maybe the seed/pod thingy could be a source of creativity. You see someone else connect with it (hitting it with their car) and ideas come flying out (architectural details = pieces of a whole, or building blocks). One piece lands in a river, described in the Dream Dictionary as, "(a) link to the streams of energy and motivation that we devote to particular issues and relationships in our lives." Since your husband comments on the river, perhaps that's the relationship it refers to? Or maybe it all has to do with a creative project you're working on, or that you'd like to be working on.
    Lots of cool images in that one...

  2. Oooh, Liv! I love your interpretation. There's definitely a lot of something going on. And it wasn't a scary dream. In my dream I was kind of laughing about the whole thing. I guess that means I'm being playful with my creativity?

  3. Either that, or you secretly want to become an architect! :)


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