Word Play- Me and My Blog as Rendered by Tagxedo


I had some fun playing with Tagxedo last night. It's an online word cloud generator that will render clouds based on a website, a topic, or a Twitter name (though I haven't gotten the Twitter feed to work yet).

Above is Tagxedo's take on Live Wonderstruck and below is what happened when I entered S.M. Hutchins as a search topic.


Curious, really. On the right side of the S.M. Hutchins cloud, I see "TX," "WhitePages," and "Gallagher" in fairly large font which implies they are common results, but not related to me. What do "DVD" and "Wilson" (on the left) have to do with anything, and what does "Fbo" mean?

I like that my favorite words are the biggest: magical, humorous, mystery, everyday, life, writer. Sneaking through the middle is the word "seeking." Love that.

Anyway, I apologize now for the stuff you will not get done today because you are playing with Tagxedo.

Happy Friday!


  1. Crap. I'm pretty sure you just sucked my whole day away... (quickly opens page to check out new website...)


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