Ducks: Week 4 update


The ducks, they are a-growing. Squackers and Buttons have been with us for four weeks now and are probably four times the size (or more) from when we got them.

They are as tall as the walls of their brooder (i.e., Rubbermaid storage container). Here they are huddling in the corner trying to avoid me...

Photo Apr 22, 8 08 54 AM-edit

They didn't imprint on us as we've heard ducks sometimes do. I don't know if there's still time for that or if we've missed the window. They're not mean or anything, they just try to get away from us when we come to feed them or move them.

We can hold them, however it takes a few minutes for them to settle in and its much harder to do alone now because they are so big. It's easier if my husband takes one and I take the other and we sit close so each duck knows the other is safe.

Their yellow fuzz is being filled in by patches of white feathers. This makes their backs really fluffy and soft at the moment. The color and texture variations are particularly outstanding on their cheeks (do ducks have cheeks?).


With their current size and the appearance of feathers, I suspect our little friends will be ready to move outside in a few more weeks.


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