Then There Was the Time a Class Ring Flew into Our Toaster

Do weird things happen to you? I'm talking unpredictable weird. Like a bowling ball rolling at your car down an exit ramp. (Which happened to my husband once.)

This morning I was helping my husband get a cereal bar and a yogurt to take to work for breakfast. I put them in a thermal lunch bag (black with his company logo on it in case you were picturing something pink and girly).

"That feels like overkill," he said. "Use this." He tossed me a plastic grocery bag from our stash under the sink. It landed on the counter next to me while simultaneously something clanged behind me.

Puzzling since grocery bags don't clang.

The sound came from near the toaster, so I looked all around it and under it. When nothing seemed amiss, I looked inside. There was a ring in the bottom. As in silver piece of jewelry- ring.

So we pulled out the crumb tray and dumped the toaster every which way into the grocery bag my husband had so conveniently grabbed. After a good five minutes of shaking the toaster (and laughing, of course), out came a class ring.

Today I'll take it back to the grocery store where someone is probably missing it- perhaps the girl who bagged my groceries a few days ago.

Beyond the obvious question of why my groceries came with a free ring (class of 2010), how did it so perfectly end up in the toaster from where it was flung on the opposite side of the kitchen?

And what other craziness does this day hold? I'll have to stay alert.


  1. Serendipity ... lightly toasted ... easy on the butter. ;-)

    I'm sure it's owner will be glad it ended up in your toaster. The alternative might not have been so wonderstruck ;-)

  2. With this ring, I thee bread. ;)


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